Thoughts on where we are now, and where we're going


Hi, i’m Mike - welcome to my personal blog.

I like playing with ideas and making things.

This is my personal blog where I write about the human side of technology, new ways of working, small but powerful businesses, and more. I know, that’s a pretty wide list, but hey - we’re human and being interested in lots of different things is very much what we do!

Here’s a few things i’m working on:

Clarity : https://clarity.app/
Digital Therapeutics for Menopausal Women. As co-founder and CTO, I work alongside the team to create apps that helps women understand and navigate their menopause, helps practitioners develop hyper-personalised effective therapeutics, and increase our scientific understanding of the process.

Helm : https://www.myhelm.io/
Co-pilot software for entreprenuers and freelancers. You decide what to do and set the priorities, Helm handles the nitty gritty of forward planning and time management. Working together, you make more progress with less stress.

Final Version : https://www.finalversion.co.uk
Working in collaboration with designers and product teams to create amazing interactive content and products for the web.

Brilliant (and Human) : https://www.brilliantandhuman.com/
We offer human-centric, practical support to help businesses grow and become more productive by getting customers, teams and technology all working together to support each other.

Urban Shared : http://www.urbanshared.com/
Where and how we live is changing. Urban Shared is working to make the experience of co-living superb; with a mix of high quality, well maintained properties, access to services to make living easier and better, and a software layer to help tie it all together.