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How to Love Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is only felt by people who are growing and challenging themselves to become more.

The only people who never feel it are the ones who feel they have nothing to learn, that they don’t need to grow any more. They know everything. They are perfect. Why change?

Who wants to be that person? Not me that’s for sure. And if you’re reading this, then you probably don’t either.

The truth is this.

Imposter syndrome is just our amazing minds lighting up the pathway to becoming whatever it is we want to be.

It’s a guide, showing us where to focus attention, what we need to learn next. We just choose how we respond to it.

Problems really arise if we wrap our personal sense of identity in our jobs or the roles we take on.

If we tell ourselves that we are a _______ but our guide tells us we need to improve X, Y and Z to truly call ourselves a _______, we feel we are lacking. We ignore all the things we are good at and focus on all that we feel is missing.

We sense we are not living up to the identity we are projecting. That feels like lying and deception and that’s rarely good. We get defensive. It sabotages our confidence and kills our enthusiasm.

So the trick which turns imposter syndrome into a positive force is to change where you focus your sense of identity.

Focus your identity on being a human that is constantly learning and growing. Someone who can take on challenges. Someone who knows how to adapt. Someone who can learn.

From that vantage you are someone who not only is a _______ but is also focused on becoming a brilliant _______.

Imposter syndrome stops being an enemy and instead is your guide to becoming greater at the things you are interested in being greater at.

Every success is a marker, every failure is lesson to be learn’t. Nothing is wasted.

Everything is helping you towards your goal.

It becomes your own personal coach, helping you become the person you need to be, to do the things you want to do.