Thoughts on where we are now, and where we're going

The magic word that makes anything seem more possible

The things we create, the things we invent are products of the questions we ask ourselves.

What if…

Wouldn’t it be cool to have…

Why isn’t there a…

When we try and figure out how to put them into practice there are a different set of questions we need to answer.

Who is it for?

What should it do?

How should I describe it?

Where should I sell it?

These questions are paralysing!

“Who is it for?” could well generate a big list of different types of folk who might find it useful or helpful. The list of social networks you should be marketing on makes you want to hide under the covers. You could use up packs of post-it notes on “What should it do?”.

Everything seem overwhelming, too large, too difficult. It feels like we need to do all this stuff in one hop.

Put one word at the end though, and it changes everything.

“Who is it for …first” lets me narrow the field down to something more manageable whilst still leaving the door open to others later on.

“What should it do …first?” lets me focus on just the essential features to get things started. There will be time for the other things to be added later.

I help people get their app ideas off the ground so I have this conversation a lot.

They always talk in terms of the huge mega companies - Facebook, Amazon, AirBnB, eBay, etc. I get it. It’s a compelling goal, and one that investors take notice of, but it’s not a great place to start.

Eventually, we all want to help a massive group of people if we can, but the chances of doing that first time are practically zero. None of the massive companies started that way, so why should we?

I think in most cases, for most of us, you’ve got to be small, before you can be big.

Which is awesome, because we can all manage small.

So narrow it down. Be specific. Pick a tiny slice of the bigger picture and hit that first. A piece you can focus on.

It doesn’t have to be huge, or difficult.

It’s just the first step after all.