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The End of Overwhelm Step 1

Use your head (for what it’s good for)

Our minds can do amazing things - but holding onto and managing lists of things is not one of them. Just keeping track of more than a couple of things at a time is exhausting.

Brain dump the noise to clear some space to think.

In my work, I deal with stressed out people all the time.

They talk of being overwhelmed, of being constantly stressed, of feeling panicky, of not being able to think clearly. I prompt them to brain dump all the things that are weighing on their minds and you can see the difference in them immediately.

Just getting it all somewhere other than their heads, somewhere they can see it clearly, somewhere they can deal with it a piece at a time, changes everything. They seem lighter somehow. The start to feel a sense of calm, a feeling that things might not be so impossible after all.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if we have things we want to do we simply can’t waste all that mental energy just holding onto all this stuff.

So a great habit to get into is keeping a personal brain dump.

A mental inbox to dump everything into. All those things buzzing around in your head, those things that other people ask you to do. From fully formed tasks to ideas and thoughts, just dump it all. Definitely do not overthink it.

Writing it is good for some, apps will help others; whatever feels most comfortable. The important thing is that it’s something so simple you can purge without effort.

Our minds are free flowing. The don’t like frustrations, or having to wait whilst they are creating the future.

When you can see it, you can deal with it, and that is where being calm and in control begins.


If the stress of keeping everything going is getting you down, you might want to give Helm a look. It’s like having a Sat-Nav for work and it designed for just these kind of very human problems. It’s even got a brain dump…

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